Yanique Francis is a Paris based businesswoman. An expert event planner, travel writer and industry consultant. Francis was born in Jamaica and lived in the USA. She earned her Master's Degree in International Communications and Marketing at Emerson College. Francis founded MyParisianLife, a French Food and lifestyle blog in 2008, which went on to be named one of "best Paris blogs" by Spotted by Locals in 2019. In 2016, she founded the first elopement planning wedding agency in France, ElopeinParis.  She is passionate about radical self-care and creating your own joie de vivre. 


In 2020, Francis founded Avance/Bien, a company that creates rituals of self-care towards a female audience.

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I send out a biweekly newsletter on how to take better care of ourselves around the Full and New moon: You can sign up here: It's easy to follow and has lots of gems on working with the energy of the planets. 

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